How To Get A Job As A Journalist

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How To Get A Job As A Journalist
How To Get A Job As A Journalist

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Working for a newspaper or magazine often attracts ambitious young people. To get into the editorial office, you need to have one single merit - to own a word and be able to express it beautifully. And everything else in journalism is learned on the job.

How to get a job as a journalist
How to get a job as a journalist


Step 1

For a successful start, you need to have several published articles already. How can I do that. If you studied at a specialized faculty, then for sure there was a student newspaper, which was accepted for publication of an article. Being actively involved in such projects can bring you a solid portfolio and at least some experience. Yes, and for admission to the Faculty of Journalism requires published work. In this case, articles from a school newspaper, a small regional small circulation are suitable.

Step 2

During your studies, you will be asked to do an internship in periodicals. Never refuse such an opportunity: if you prove yourself well, the editorial staff may invite you to a permanent job. Large publications themselves often invite students for additional internships when they cannot cope with the volume of work. You will not earn money there, but you will gain invaluable experience. You will be given an internship certificate and this will be a huge plus on your resume. Try to take every opportunity to write and publish your texts.

Step 3

Select several publications in which you would like to work. Create a competent resume, pick up a few of the most successful published works. Send an email to the editor of the publication with a summary of why you want to work for them. Insert your resume and examples of work in the application. Or give links to electronic versions of articles. If you are interested in the editor, then, as a rule, he will contact you in a few days. If you do not receive an answer within a week, try writing to another publication.

Step 4

There are large publishing houses that have staff turnover and need new authors all the time. You can come to such publications in person, having phoned the editor or the personnel department in advance. You can also search for vacancies on popular job search resources and journalist communities. Some magazines or sites publish employee search directly on their pages.

Step 5

Even if you do not have a higher education diploma and no experience, but you know the word and successfully write to the “desk” or blogging, you have the chances of getting a job in the editorial office. Send the editor examples of your unpublished works and if the editor likes them, they can not only be published, but also hire a promising author.

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