How To Get A Disability

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How To Get A Disability
How To Get A Disability

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A person can be considered disabled when he cannot fully perform some vital functions: see, walk, do something with his hands, and so on. In order to get a disability, you must meet the requirements of the employees of the relevant organization.

How to get a disability
How to get a disability

Disability is a general concept and can be subdivided into health-related disabilities. For example, a person may be visually impaired, neurological; a person may not have limbs, and so on.

If a person does not have the ability to perform vital functions, a doctor of the appropriate specialization should send him to a special medical and social examination. Experts need to submit as many documents as possible confirming the fact that it is impossible to perform vital functions. It is necessary to defend your rights at the commission, explaining that the presence of this particular disease prevents a full life.

Some documents required for registration of disability

- referral to medical and social expertise

- passport, as well as a photocopy of the passport

- a certified copy of the work book

- outpatient card

- extracts from medical institutions, as well as their photocopies

- application for certification

- characteristics from the place of work or study

You should not be limited only to the presented list when forming a package of documents. It is possible that at the medical and social examination you will be asked to submit additional documents confirming the presence of a disease that gives you the right to disability.

Visual disability

A person is recognized as disabled indefinitely if both eyes cannot see anything and the treatment is ineffective. You can get a disability group in the following cases:

- Group 1 is given when a person does not see anything at all or the visual acuity of the eye that sees better does not exceed 0.04

- 2 group can be obtained with visual acuity from 0.05 to 0.1

- Group 3 of disability is established when the visual acuity in the eye that sees better is in the range from 0, 1 to 0, 3

Neurological disability

There is a certain list of neurological diseases in which one or another group of disabilities can be obtained. In order to qualify for this, a candidate for a disability must convincingly prove that he has a corresponding disease, which gives him the right to one or another group of disabilities.

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