How To Get Disability With Tuberculosis

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How To Get Disability With Tuberculosis
How To Get Disability With Tuberculosis

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Tuberculosis is a dangerous disease transmitted by airborne droplets. In Russia, tuberculosis was called "consumption" and took millions of lives with it. How to get a disability due to tuberculosis and receive a pension for treating the disease.

How to get disability with tuberculosis
How to get disability with tuberculosis


Step 1

Getting a disability is not an easy process; to accelerate it, you need to interact with legal and municipal structures.

Step 2

Take a paid independent medical examination, get an accurate diagnosis. The decision of the municipal medical board will directly depend on the complexity of the course of your illness. An independent diagnosis can be carried out in consultation with a lawyer - he will tell you about what degree of disability you can count on and whether you can at all.

Step 3

There are 3 groups of disabilities. For the first (non-working) pension, the highest is about 11 thousand rubles (as of 2013); representatives of the second group can count on a pension of 4 thousand rubles. The third group receives a number of benefits: compensation for 50% of utility bills and reduced travel costs.

Step 4

You can get the first group of disability only with persistent pulmonary insufficiency. It is an open form of tuberculosis with accumulation of blood in the lungs and frequent hospitalization. This diagnosis is rarely made in municipal hospitals; it is advisable to use an independent examination to establish it. Symptoms - persistent shortness of breath; fits of wet cough, with heavy breathing, which can last for hours.

Step 5

The second group of disability is relatively easier to obtain. It is enough to spend at least three months under the supervision of a doctor. You need to get an extract from a phthisiatrician and take it to the municipality for examination.

Step 6

After passing the examination and receiving a discharge from the attending physician, you need to contact the medical and social expertise (MSE). It is here that they will decide what degree of disability you will receive. It is necessary to provide the commission with an outpatient card, the results of an inpatient examination and the recall of the authorities from the previous place of work.

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