How The Sick Leave Will Be Paid

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How The Sick Leave Will Be Paid
How The Sick Leave Will Be Paid

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Often, when ill, a person is in no hurry to take a sick leave to the doctor, and this is not always connected with a love of work. This is often due to a reluctance to lose a significant portion of their earnings.

How the sick leave will be paid
How the sick leave will be paid

Now the employer does not pay

In 2014, sick leave is paid by the Social Insurance Fund. It was the same in 2013. But before that, the employer paid for the certificate of incapacity for work. The sick leave now, as before, should be taken to the accounting department. Only the compensation for the insured event is calculated differently now. Most likely, soon the sick leave will exist in electronic form.

The calculation of sick leave compensation is made from the amount of taxable cash accruals for the two previous years of work. This also includes vacation pay and bonuses. The amount received is divided by 730 - this is the average daily earnings of a particular person. Further, you should know that those employees who have a total work experience of less than 5 years will be paid 60% of their wages, from 5 to 8 years - 80%, more than 8 - 100%.

In this regard, it must be remembered that the concept of continuous work experience now does not play the same role as before. Previously, when calculating sick leave, continuous work experience was taken into account, but now the calculation follows from the total work experience, no matter how long the break between one job and another was.

Those people who are part-time workers and work in two or more jobs can receive sick leave compensation at each place of work, subject to official registration.

Those who do not work and who earn more than average

Also, if a person, after dismissal, has not formalized anywhere officially within 30 calendar days, then he, too, can apply for payment of a certificate of incapacity for work.

Few people know that people who have long lost their jobs and are registered at the employment center will also be paid a sick leave, based on the minimum wage of -5554 rubles. per month.

Moving from one place of work to another, provide the accounting department with a 2-NDFL certificate of income. Otherwise, if the insured event occurred earlier than the person worked for 2 years at the current place, then the average daily earnings will be calculated including from the minimum wage.

It is interesting to know those whose work is highly paid. The amount of maximum sick leave payments has been established. For example, in 2013 it was impossible to receive compensation on the sick leave sheet for more than 1,335 rubles per day, in 2014 it is already 1,479.45 rubles.

Injury at work

It is not uncommon for an employee to be injured at work. In April 2013, the state established a new procedure for calculating sick leave compensation in this case. The allowance will be paid in the amount of 100%.

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