How Sick Leaves Are Paid

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How Sick Leaves Are Paid
How Sick Leaves Are Paid

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In 2011, the procedure for paying sick leaves was changed. The changes affected the rules for calculating average earnings, as well as the fact that the first three days for sick leave are paid at the expense of the insured, that is, the employer. This does not apply only to some cases when payments for the first days are made at the expense of the FSS. The changes did not affect the length of service for calculating the certificate of incapacity for work.

How sick leaves are paid
How sick leaves are paid


Step 1

With an experience of 8 years, 100% of the average earnings are paid, from 5 to 8 years - 80%, up to 5 years - 60%. The length of service is calculated for all entries in the work book.

Step 2

The average earnings for payment of benefits is calculated based on the total amount of earnings for 24 months, which should be divided by the number of calendar days in the billing period - by 730. The total amount includes only those earnings from which income tax was withheld.

Step 3

Sick leave money can be paid at all enterprises where an employee works under an employment contract.

Step 4

Payments for a certificate of incapacity for work, which was issued for pregnancy and childbirth, are calculated at one enterprise, taking into account the earnings of all of whom the woman worked in the billing period. The maximum amount of average earnings cannot exceed the calculated amount based on 46,500 rubles for one billing year. The minimum average daily amount cannot be lower than the minimum wage if a woman has worked for 6 months or more.

Step 5

The changes affected the payment of sick leave issued for caring for a child under 15 years old. If inpatient care is assigned, the entire amount is paid, depending on the length of service of the employee. With outpatient care, payments are made for the first 10 days - depending on the length of service, from the 11th day of care - 50% of the average earnings, regardless of the length of service. The days of leaving are also limited. One sick leave cannot be paid for more than 15 days, and in a year - no more than 45 days for all cases of care.

Step 6

If the care is provided for a disabled child, then 120 days a year can be paid. The restrictions on caring for HIV-infected children and children affected by vaccination have not been touched upon.

Step 7

The payment of benefits is made from the first day at the expense of the FSS, if the sick leave is issued for caring for a family member. When quarantined in a kindergarten for caring for a child under 7 years old. With prosthetics in specialized institutions. With follow-up treatment in a sanatorium-resort institution.

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