How To Get A Sanitary And Epidemiological Conclusion

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How To Get A Sanitary And Epidemiological Conclusion
How To Get A Sanitary And Epidemiological Conclusion

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To obtain a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion, you should contact the SES (there are sanitary and epidemiological stations and services in almost every city). The staff of this organization - specialists in epidemiology and hygiene - will conduct due diligence.

Water test
Water test

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appeal to SES


Step 1

By simplifying life, we also complicate it. Water flows from the tap, but what is its quality? We buy food in markets and shops, are only all components of food products useful for health? In order to make the room comfortable, you do not need to cut trees and hew stones, but are the building materials radioactive? The computer has now become a faithful assistant in everything, nevertheless, it affects our health.

Citizens have the right to reliable information about the environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink, household appliances, etc. affect our livelihoods. Unfortunately, the impact is not always favorable, although we, as a rule, do not suspect that it is often these factors that are the cause of the development of chronic diseases. Obtaining a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion helps to avoid dangers.

Step 2

Most often, the main thing when issuing an opinion is to determine the quality of water. After all, the presence of clean water in a glass is not a guarantee of its drinking fitness. SES experts believe that owners of private houses who are going to dig wells in the yard should be especially careful. Of course, the owners think that underground water is cleaner than the one that flows through the pipes. However, water has a complex chemical composition, which depends on the depth of the water horizon and the proximity to the well of outbuildings and cesspools.

Also, SES workers are asked to investigate both tap water and reservoirs. Before signing the sanitary and epidemiological conclusion, the organization issues sterile dishes to the applicants. However, it also happens that the SES team itself leaves for the place.

Step 3

How comfortable are the premises? Illumination, noise, vibration, electromagnetic radiation, etc. can be assessed. Even the plastic used in home decoration is capable of emitting harmful substances, the concentration of which should not exceed the permissible limits. To leave the sanitary and epidemiological conclusion, the study "deserves" and the soil on which the building stands.

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