How To Write A Letter To The IFTS

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How To Write A Letter To The IFTS
How To Write A Letter To The IFTS
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Communication with the tax service most often implies a direct appeal to the inspectorate, which serves a specific taxpayer. But not everyone finds it convenient to look for the desired office and wait in line for an explanation with the inspector. In this case, you can discuss the question you are interested in by contacting the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate with a letter, which will be considered by the tax service without fail and guarantees a quick response to your request in accordance with the established rules.

How to write a letter to the IFTS
How to write a letter to the IFTS


Step 1

Decide on the form of delivery of the letter, since its design will also depend on this. If the question you are interested in can be easily resolved by a response clarification from the tax service, then select the electronic form of the letter. To fill it out, follow one of the links indicated at the end of the article, depending on whose interests you are protecting. That is, whether you are a taxpayer as an individual or a representative of an organization, individual entrepreneur (legal entity). To resolve serious issues that imply a possible appeal for further proceedings (to higher or judicial authorities), when you need to keep a copy of the letter and a document confirming its sending, you will need to send a letter using the postal service with a receipt acknowledgment.

Step 2

Now write the text of the appeal. Such a letter should be drawn up in a business style, excluding emotional manifestations about an important issue for you. For an e-mail option, start by addressing the head of your Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service with the word "Dear". His name and patronymic can be found as well as the address of the inspection by using the search on the website of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation. Describe the nature of the problem and the circumstances surrounding its occurrence. After that, list your requirements, but in a respectful manner, beginning this part of the letter with the word "Please". Sign and date the letter. For a written appeal, by mail, start filling out the letter by indicating the initial details of the addressee and the sender (with the obligatory message of the home address, full name and contact telephone number of the taxpayer). Place them in the upper right corner of the sheet according to the rules of document flow. Further, the content of the letter will not differ from the version for electronic sending, but here do not forget to put the personal signature of the sender and the decryption in brackets (full name).

Step 3

For individuals, contacting the IFTS at the place of residence is extremely simplified, thanks to the new service offered by the tax service. This is the "Personal account of the taxpayer", located at Here you can find out the tax arrears and contact the tax office simply by filling out an e-mail form, which will be automatically forwarded to the required office

Step 4

To send a letter in electronic form, with the possibility of choosing a sender (legal entity or individual), you can use a special service on the website of the Federal Tax Service, located at

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