How To Write A Report For Translation

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How To Write A Report For Translation
How To Write A Report For Translation

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A transfer report is a document containing an employee's request to transfer him to another position. This can be a transfer to another structural unit, or a promotion. As usual, the reports are drawn up by state authorities with a strict hierarchical structure, for example, by law enforcement agencies. In civilian organizations, the transfer of an employee is initiated by writing an application.

How to write a report for translation
How to write a report for translation


Step 1

The rules for drawing up reports are not regulated by Russian legislation, however, their writing is subject to the general rules for processing procedural documents. You need to start drawing up a report by filling in its details ("headers"). To do this, on the right side of the sheet, indicate the data of the head of the body (position, surname, rank), to whom he will subsequently be sent.

Step 2

Next, indicate the name of the document being prepared - "Report". Then the text itself follows, it can be written in free form, the main thing is that the text is logical and does not contain spelling errors. For example, it may look like this: "In connection with the vacated position (indicate the position), I ask you to transfer my transfer, relieving me of my previous position (indicate the full position)." If you wish, you can indicate the reasons why such a transfer should be made, for example, moving to another area for permanent residence.

Step 3

Below, along the left edge of the sheet, indicate your entire previous position, along the right edge - your surname and initials (they should be located at the same level). Then sign the report, put the date on which it was drawn up.

Step 4

Submit a report to the head of your structural unit. He must write on it with his own hand that he gives his consent to the translation. After that, the report is transferred to the head of the personnel department for execution. On the basis of it, an order for the transfer is issued, and the transfer itself is carried out.

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