Where To Go If The Body Of Water Is Polluted

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Where To Go If The Body Of Water Is Polluted
Where To Go If The Body Of Water Is Polluted

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Pollution of water bodies is a serious problem that any caring inhabitant of Russia can help to cope with. There are several structures you can contact if you notice that a business or horticultural partnership is not complying with environmental laws.

The well-being of the entire region depends on the state of the reservoir
The well-being of the entire region depends on the state of the reservoir


Monitoring the state of water bodies, especially those located near settlements, is one of the tasks of the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance authorities. Rospotrebnadzor monitors the quality of water in the reservoirs from which the settlement takes drinking water, as well as in the places designated for bathing. It is enough just to call this organization, but you can also write an application in any form. Any signal is enough for Rospotrebnadzor specialists to start checking.

Environmental Safety Committee

The local government has a structure that is responsible for the state of the environment. It can be called in different ways, depending on which option is adopted in the region. This may be the department of nature management, environmental safety, environmental protection, etc.

It is better to go there if you see unauthorized landfills on the banks or if you receive information that some enterprise is dumping untreated wastewater. The specialists of this department can initiate a check, contact the prosecutor's office and the courts. Fines for pollution of the environment are significant, but there is a procedure for their collection, which must be followed.

Prosecutor's office

Every citizen of Russia has the constitutional right to a healthy environment. The prosecutor's office is obliged to monitor compliance with legislation, including environmental legislation. If you see that the body of water is contaminated, write a statement to this supervisory authority. The best way to do this is by personally contacting the reception, where you will be provided with a sample application. In many municipalities, you can already contact the local prosecutor's office through the electronic reception.

Environmental Prosecutor's Office

There is an oversight body that deals exclusively with compliance with environmental legislation. There are branches in all subjects of the federation. You can apply either in person or on the Internet. The procedure is exactly the same as when contacting a regular prosecutor's office.

Public Council

It is also possible to draw the attention of the authorities to this or that environmental problem through a public council, in this case on ecology. Such councils exist under the governors of many Russian regions, as well as under the heads of administration. This is useful if the pollution of the water body is caused by a problem that the regulatory authorities cannot resolve. For example, if the banks of a reservoir are littered with garbage, and there are no conditions for their disposal in the municipality or subject of the federation.

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