How To Sell More In A Store

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How To Sell More In A Store
How To Sell More In A Store

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More and more stores are now appearing on the network, because people increasingly prefer to make purchases from the comfort of their homes. The more buyers, the higher your income. You may find a few simple guidelines on how to sell more in a store to help you.

How to sell more in a store
How to sell more in a store


Step 1

Turn your product into a hard-to-find one. A modern person has such a psychology: if something is not enough, you urgently need to buy it, until it completely disappears. Add to the product description on the site information about how many units of the product are in stock or not at all at the moment. This data can be downloaded directly from 1C: Warehouse or another accounting program. The quantity can be displayed both in pieces and as a percentage.

Step 2

Observe the rule: the client is always right. The task of the seller is to make a real buyer out of a potential buyer, whatever it turns out to be. Give customers the opportunity to thank the administration of the store, as well as contact the management for any reason, preferably the chief boss himself. Typically, for this, you create the "Thank" and "Complain" buttons. At the same time, it will not diminish from you, and the client will be pleased to say about painful things or express a feeling of gratitude. It will also help you get feedback to further improve the service.

Step 3

Give an opportunity to compare. Directly on the product description page, give the buyer the opportunity to compare this item with similar ones, indicating the price and basic parameters. You can set up a filter with a specific set of criteria, by which the client himself will select product groups that correspond to his requests.

Step 4

Use the "train" principle of selling. The essence of this method is that one product will generate sales for another, less popular. It is so convenient to sell the results of intellectual creativity when the client, after purchasing a book or disc, is offered to buy another book or disc of the same author. Usually, in such cases, the links “Buy with this product” or “They are looking for this product” are inserted.

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