How To Sell Handcrafted Wood Carvings

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How To Sell Handcrafted Wood Carvings
How To Sell Handcrafted Wood Carvings

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Hobbies are an important part of a person's life. Someone collects stamps, someone knits, and someone is engaged in woodcarving. Such hobbies can bring considerable income, you just need to know how to sell your products.

How to Sell Handcrafted Wood Carvings
How to Sell Handcrafted Wood Carvings

On the market

A primitive and fairly simple way to sell your crafts is to sell them on the market from a tray. First of all, you need to prepare enough items for buyers to have a choice. Otherwise, they may not even notice them. If you are not busy with your main job, you can stand at the tray yourself in the market. True, you have to pay for a place, and it does not always pay off.

If you have acquaintances in the market, then ask them for help. Let them take your products for sale for a percentage of the sale. Set a starting price and a bargaining price. If your products deserve attention, then soon a trickle of additional income will flow into your pocket.

At the exhibition

Exhibitions and sales of handicrafts are often held in big cities. Typically, such exhibitions are advertised in newspapers or on the Internet. Go to such an exhibition, having prepared at least a dozen of your works. For a place at the exhibition you will have to pay about 500 rubles per day. Such exhibitions are held for 3-5 days, and sometimes even 10. So there should be enough time to sell your work.

If you think that space at the exhibition is too expensive, and you don’t want to stand all day near the stand, then you can negotiate with other needlewomen. Buy one seat for two and split the responsibilities equally. For example, one day you sell work, and the other day your partner.

Handicraft shops

It is worth looking for such shops. If your work is of interest, then the store can take it for sale. You should not give your products to the first store that comes up, go around a few points. Each of them will offer you a different percentage. The higher this percentage, the more expensive your work will have to sell.

Through the Internet

Still, the most effective way to sell handicrafts is to sell them online. In order to sell your work on the Internet, you need good pictures of them - the better the picture, the more interest your ad will generate.

Post a few advertisements for the sale. Be sure to attach not one, but several pictures of the product from different angles to each ad. The price in the ad is the highest for which you hope to sell your work, but at the same time, give the opportunity to bargain.

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