How To Make You Pay Utility Bills

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How To Make You Pay Utility Bills
How To Make You Pay Utility Bills
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Each apartment building has apartments whose residents refuse to pay utility bills. This creates certain problems in financing and maintaining the entire home. If this is one month's debt, you should not worry - everyone has temporary financial problems. When a defaulter has accumulated a large amount of debt, more decisive measures must be taken to collect debts for utilities.

How to make you pay utility bills
How to make you pay utility bills


Step 1

First, notify the tenant that there is a debt on utility bills for his apartment. Explain to the homeowner the need for timely payment. Give specific facts about the failure to prepare for the upcoming winter heating season, about the amount of debts throughout the house. An ordinary conversation is enough for a person to understand the need for timely payment of payments.

Step 2

There are times when the homeowner was busy or was absent for a long time, therefore, a debt was formed. He just needs to be reminded that it is necessary to pay the rent on time, and the situation is immediately resolved. If the tenant is a persistent defaulter, then the notice before the debt must be drawn up in writing.

Step 3

Convene the board of the HOA on the issue of further actions to the persistent defaulters. Discuss the steps to take for each specific debtor. Choose measures that will force you to pay for utilities - contacting electricity suppliers to visit these tenants together or filing a lawsuit. Assign responsibility for carrying out the assigned measures. Record all decisions taken at the meeting in the minutes of the meeting.

Step 4

Draw up a notice for defaulters about the decision of the HOA board and once again offer to pay off the debt within a specific time frame. Notify that in case of refusal, the debt collection case will be referred to the magistrate's court. To prevent the debtor in court from referring to ignorance of the debt situation, send a notice by registered mail with confirmation of delivery.

Step 5

Write a statement of claim to the magistrate's court to recover utility bills from a particular tenant. Pay the state fee and hand over the package of documents to the magistrate. After examining the submitted documents, the court will make a decision on the collection of the debt. The defendant can appeal the court decision within 10 days. If no steps are taken by the debtor, the court decision becomes legal.

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