How To Purchase A Room

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How To Purchase A Room
How To Purchase A Room

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A transaction for the sale and purchase of a room is formalized by an agreement concluded in writing. By law, this agreement is subject to state registration with the Rosreestr authorities. For registration, you will also need to collect a package of documents for the room and apartment where it is located.

How to purchase a room
How to purchase a room


Step 1

Draw up a sales contract for the room. Ideally, it is better to entrust this to lawyers or a real estate firm, but not everyone has this opportunity. If you undertook to draw up a contract yourself, remember its essential conditions, without which the contract will not be recognized as concluded. This is the subject of the contract - the room, and its price. Indicate all the information about the room by which it can be identified: the address of the apartment in which it is located, its area. Mark it on the apartment plan and attach it to the contract.

Step 2

Draw up an act of acceptance and transfer of the room to the contract. It contains information about the seller and the buyer, information about the room and information that the room has been transferred in good condition. The act together with the contract is submitted to the Rosreestr authorities for registration. You must have three copies of the contract (for the seller, buyer and Rosreestr authorities) and three copies of the act.

Step 3

Gather the rest of the documents that need to be submitted to the Rosreestr authorities for registration. The buyer will need applications for state registration of the contract and transfer of the right to the room, a passport and a receipt for payment of the state registration fee. The seller will need to submit the same applications, a passport, a certificate of ownership of the room, an extract from the house book, the consent of the guardianship and guardianship authorities, if minors live in the apartment, the consent of the spouse to sell the room, the notarized refusal of the other owners of the premises in the apartment from the preferential room purchase rights.

Step 4

Submit documents to Rosreestr authorities. You can find out about the schedule of their work on the corresponding website: After 30 days, the transaction must be registered. The seller must receive his copy of the sales contract with the registrar's mark from the Rosreestr authorities, and the buyer must receive the same copy and certificate of ownership.

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