How To Write A Waiver

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How To Write A Waiver
How To Write A Waiver

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In addition to the property, the debts of the deceased also pass to the heir, therefore in some cases there is every reason to refuse the inheritance. To do this, you need to write an application and submit it to the notary office, where the inheritance is open, within the time frame established by law.

How to write a waiver
How to write a waiver


Step 1

If you have decided to renounce the inheritance, remember that an application for this must be submitted to the notary office within six months from the date of the death of the testator. Otherwise, you will have to defend your right to refuse in court. Remember that by giving up the inheritance, you will not be able to subsequently claim it.

Step 2

The refusal statement can be written independently, without the involvement of legal consultants. In the header, write the name, address of the notary office that opened the inheritance. Next, write your first name, patronymic and last name, indicate the address of your residence.

Step 3

Get down to the main text. As usual, when writing such documents, in the center of the line, write "Statement of waiver of inheritance." Next, in one sentence, state that you, indicate your name and surname, refuse the property owed to you by a relative (grandmother, grandfather) who died on such and such a day. Put in a number. Print and subscribe.

Step 4

If you give up the inheritance in favor of another person, write it down in the main text of the application. Remember that you can only give up the property in favor of a relative of the same line of succession as you.

Step 5

With a ready-made application, you can refuse the inheritance. Use one of the options. First, personally bring the application to the notary office where the inheritance was opened. Second - certify the application with any notary, and then send it by registered mail with notification to the notary office that opened the inheritance. Third - write out a power of attorney, which provides for the right to refuse inheritance, to a third party. This person will personally take the application to the notary office that opened the inheritance, while the refusal statement must be notarized.

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