How To Get European Citizenship

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How To Get European Citizenship
How To Get European Citizenship

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Currently, there are many illegal ways to obtain European citizenship. Citizenship of European countries has long been a hot commodity in our country and is in demand. But there are still ways to obtain citizenship of European countries legally.

How to get European citizenship
How to get European citizenship


Step 1

You can obtain European citizenship if you prove your nationality with the migration authorities of the country whose citizenship you want to obtain. Then you have the right to obtain citizenship on the basis of nationality.

Step 2

You have the right to change your nationality to your parental, which can be both fictitious and genuine, through the courts. Contact a law firm that provides this type of service. The firm will help to issue a new birth certificate, which will indicate the required nationality. Remember that if you are making a fake evidence, it can be calculated by checking the archive records, which are much more difficult to forge.

Step 3

Marry a person who is a citizen of a European country whose passport you need. Remember that the employees of the migration service have the right to check the fictitiousness of the entered marriage, periodically visiting you at different times of the day. If you get the impression that the marriage is not real, you will have problems obtaining citizenship. If the migration service proves that you entered into a fictitious marriage, you will be tried and expelled from the country.

Step 4

Prove that you are a political refugee. To do this, you need documentary evidence of your persecution in your old homeland due to political or religious beliefs. It is advisable if you have certificates of arrests, beatings in the police, dismissals from work. Better yet, seek advice from a national human rights organization.

Step 5

Citizenship of many European countries can be bought as a product in a store. But such a service will be very expensive. All the money received for obtaining your citizenship will be invested in the economy of the state or in its social sphere.

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