Is It Possible To Have Dual Citizenship In Russia

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Is It Possible To Have Dual Citizenship In Russia
Is It Possible To Have Dual Citizenship In Russia

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Having dual citizenship is an issue that is resolved differently in different countries. In the Russian Federation, such citizenship is allowed, but there are many nuances in the legislation.

Is it possible to have dual citizenship in Russia
Is it possible to have dual citizenship in Russia


In jurisprudence, the concepts of dual citizenship and two citizenships are distinguished. In the first case, a citizen acquires a second citizenship, having received the appropriate permission from his state. When speaking about two or more citizenships, lawyers mean a situation in which a person receives a second citizenship without informing the state authorities of the country of which he is originally a citizen.

Rights of citizens of the Russian Federation

In Russia, you can have a second citizenship. A citizen of Russia can exercise this right, in accordance with the 62nd article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the presence of citizenship of a foreign state does not affect human rights and does not relieve him of those duties that are imposed on him in connection with the presence of Russian citizenship.

As for foreign citizens and stateless persons, they receive in Russia the same rights and fulfill the same duties as citizens of the Russian Federation. The exceptions are cases established by federal legislation and international treaties of Russia.

Double citizenship

This status is received by citizens of countries with which the Russian Federation has signed an agreement on the mutual recognition of two citizenships. In this case, both passports are recognized as equal by both Russia and its partners. Today the Russian Federation has similar agreements with Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

If a person has dual citizenship, then he is endowed with the rights of both states. A citizen is obliged to resolve issues related to taxes, social security and military service in one of the two countries where he lives permanently. It is worth noting that men who have served in one of the states cannot be drafted in another. Children of dual citizens will also be considered citizens of both countries.

Two citizenships

The law does not prohibit a citizen of the Russian Federation from obtaining citizenship of another state. However, it is not recognized in Russia and does not operate on its territory. In other words, if a person has citizenship not only of the Russian Federation, but also, say, the United States, then in Russia he is considered a Russian citizen, in America - an American. As for third countries, it is allowed to live in them with one of the available passports - the choice remains with the person himself.

When obtaining a second citizenship, it is not required to inform the authorities of the Russian Federation about this. In addition, most foreign countries usually do not inform the consulates of other countries about the fact of acquiring their citizenship.

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