How To Get "baby" Money In

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How To Get "baby" Money In
How To Get "baby" Money In

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Improving the demographic situation in the country is one of the top priorities of the state. In recent years, numerous amendments and changes have been made to the legislation of the Russian Federation concerning the procedure and amount of support for pregnant women and mothers. What kind of cash benefits are pregnant women and mothers entitled to, and how to get them?

How to get a
How to get a


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The maternity allowance is paid by the employer. Its size is the average earnings, which is calculated in total 70 calendar days before childbirth (if the pregnancy is multiple, then at the rate of 84 days) and 70 days at birth (in case of complications during childbirth - 86 days, if twins were born - 110 days). The maternity allowance for working women is set at 100% of the average earnings. But there is a "ceiling" for the amount - no more than 38562 rubles. per month. It is calculated after the provision of sick leave.

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Non-working women have the right to the following types of cash payments: a lump sum at the birth of a child - 11703 rubles. 13k. and a monthly childcare allowance up to one and a half years. Housewives will be able to receive every month for their first child - 2194 rubles. 34k., On the second, third, etc. - 4388r. 67k. Benefits for twins and twins are summed up.

Step 3

If you were fired in connection with the liquidation of the enterprise, then you will receive the allowance at the Social Security, but for this you need to register at the labor exchange. All types of benefits are received from the social security authorities at the place of residence. Required documents: application for the appointment of benefits, sick leave.

Step 4

If you registered for pregnancy up to 12 weeks, then you are entitled to an additional benefit - 438 rubles. 87k. Required documents: a certificate from a medical institution, an application for the appointment of benefits in any form.

Step 5

A lump sum (at birth or adoption of a child) is paid to one of the parents (adoptive parents, guardians) in the amount of 11703 rubles. 13k. If there are two children, then the amount is doubled. Documents: an application for the appointment of a benefit, a certificate of the birth of a child from the registry office of form No. 24 (issued when registering a child in the registry office instead of a certificate from a maternity hospital) or a certificate of adoption; a certificate from the place of work of the other parent stating that he did not receive benefits; a copy of the birth certificate; an extract from work books if the parents do not work.

Step 6

If you are the wife of a military man, then you have the right to two benefits at once: a one-time allowance for a pregnant wife of a conscript - RUB 18,533, as well as a monthly allowance for mothers of conscripts' children from birth to 3 years old - RUB 7943.

Step 7

A mother (a citizen of Russia) has the right to receive a certificate for maternity capital in the amount of 365,700 rubles for the birth of a second child (also a citizen of Russia), if this child was born or was adopted in the period from 2007 to 2016. And it doesn't matter where they live, and from whom the child was born.

Step 8

A certificate can also be obtained for a third or fourth child, if you did not receive a second (or third). The certificate is also issued in the case of the birth of twins, it is only necessary to determine which of the children was born second.

Step 9

Unfortunately, you cannot count on maternity capital if the child died in childbirth. But they must be issued if the child died in the first week of life (in such cases, a birth certificate is issued). To obtain a certificate, you will need: a passport, citizenship and registration of the mother, a child's birth certificate or a certificate of adoption; the citizenship of the child. You must submit all these documents to the Pension Fund branch at your place of residence. You can send documents certified by a notary by mail.

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