How To Discharge A Deceased

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How To Discharge A Deceased
How To Discharge A Deceased

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If a loved one who lives in the same apartment with you has died, after worries about the funeral and commemoration, you will have to worry about another important issue. The deceased must be removed from registration. Do not delay the discharge procedure; proceed with it immediately after the funeral.

How to discharge a deceased
How to discharge a deceased

It is necessary

  • - death certificate;
  • - passport;
  • - medical certificate.


Step 1

Deregistration is carried out upon presentation of a death certificate. To obtain it, you will need a medical certificate from a doctor certifying death. It can be obtained at the clinic where the deceased was observed. Immediately after death, contact your local doctor, and he will give you the necessary certificate.

Step 2

If your relative has died outside the home or has not been to the clinic for a long time, call the police. The arrived employees will certify the death and give you a certificate. Then contact the tel. Find out the address of the morgue where the deceased will be transported. Go there the next day with your passport and police death certificate. In return, you will be given a medical certificate.

Step 3

Contact the regional registry office. Give the employee your passport, passport of the deceased, medical certificate. On the basis of the documents presented, you will be issued a death certificate, and the passport of the deceased will be destroyed.

Step 4

Write a statement addressed to the head of the district passport office. In it, state the request to deregister the deceased citizen. Attach a copy of the death certificate to the application. Give the papers to the passport officer. The checkout process can be considered complete.

Step 5

Check your utility bills. If they are written in the name of the deceased, you will have to apply for a correction of the registration data of the respective services. Contact your management company with a recalculation application. This is relevant if you have slightly delayed the discharge process and some time has passed since the death of the former tenant. Attach a copy of the death certificate to the application.

Step 6

It happens that it becomes necessary to discharge a deceased person from the apartment, who is not your close relative. In this case, the death certificate will not be handed over to you. To discharge such a tenant, you will have to go to court. Make a statement of claim, in which you indicate the circumstances of the case. If you have a certificate or other document of death, attach it to the claim. The process of being discharged through a court can take up to three months. After its completion, do not forget to recalculate utilities.

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