How To Draw Up A Protocol Of Inspection Of The Scene

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How To Draw Up A Protocol Of Inspection Of The Scene
How To Draw Up A Protocol Of Inspection Of The Scene

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The protocol of the inspection of the scene of the incident is drawn up in accordance with the legislation by the investigator or interrogator. The document records all the details of the procedural action, it is signed by the participants and is evidentiary when considering all the circumstances of the case.

How to draw up a protocol of inspection of the scene
How to draw up a protocol of inspection of the scene


Step 1

You can draw up a report on the inspection of the scene with your own hand, use technical equipment, for example, a computer, other methods of writing a document are not prohibited by law. During the procedural action, you have the right to make audio recordings, photograph the actions of the participants or film what is happening on a video camera. All materials are attached to the case, about which an inventory is drawn up. Participants, when familiarizing themselves with the case, before sending it to court, can make copies.

Step 2

Indicate in the protocol the date of drawing up, usually this is done on the form in the upper right corner. Be sure to set the start and end times of the procedural action to the nearest minute. Next, indicate the personal information and position of the person who drew up the document. Then list all participants, write their details, addresses, phone numbers.

Step 3

Write down in the document all the actions of the persons participating in the inspection of the scene, in a logical sequence, what followed. Indicate in detail the statements, complaints made by them in the course of action. This is very important for case materials during pre-trial proceedings.

Step 4

Please note that the protocol must indicate which technical means were used during the action, the order of their use, in relation to which objects they were used and the results obtained in this case. Be sure to note that the participants were informed about the use of the technique, about which their signature is put on the document.

Step 5

The protocol is subject to familiarization by all participants in the procedural action, they can make changes to its content, comment, state their own comments and clarifications. All additions must be certified by their signatures.

Step 6

Further, the investigator or interrogator puts his signature at the bottom of the document and attaches it to the materials of the criminal or civil case. Negatives are also attached here, if photography was used, video files on special media, audio tapes, drawings, diagrams, plans and other evidence.

Step 7

You may not indicate personal data in the protocol of the inspection of the scene of those participants in the process who are in danger. In this case, information about the place of residence and other information of the victim, witnesses, representatives of the parties is not subject to disclosure. It is necessary to issue a resolution on this, which sets out in detail the reasons for making such a decision, the participant's pseudonym and a sample of his signature are also prescribed there. The document is certified in due order, it should be put in an envelope, which is sealed and attached to the materials of the criminal case.

Step 8

Indicate in the protocol information on the explanation to all participants in the inspection of the scene of their rights, obligations, responsibility and the procedure for conducting the investigative action, which are certified by the signatures of the persons involved.

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