What You Need To Get A Passport In Ukraine

What You Need To Get A Passport In Ukraine
What You Need To Get A Passport In Ukraine

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Citizens of Ukraine, as well as Russians, need a passport to travel abroad. However, the mechanism for obtaining it in Nezalezhnaya is somewhat different from that in the Russian Federation. Therefore, before submitting documents, you must carefully study the list of requirements.

What you need to get a passport in Ukraine
What you need to get a passport in Ukraine

It is necessary to apply for a passport in Ukraine, as well as in Russia - at the OVIR. But at the same time, the list of securities that must be provided is an order of magnitude less than in the Russian Federation. So, in order to obtain a passport in Ukraine, you need to submit a civil national passport and your personal identification code (TIN) to the OVIR. Of course, they must be in the original. These are basic documents.

In addition to them, you need to have a set of papers with you, which includes photocopies of the passport of the first, second pages, as well as the one on which there is a mark of registration in the territory of Ukraine. You need two such copies. Plus, you must have one copy of the TIN.

If the term of your registration at the place of residence in Ukraine does not exceed 6 months, then you can additionally request form No. 16 from the housing maintenance company (ZhEK) from you at the OVIR. Based on it, your registration will be confirmed.

In addition, you may need a certificate from the military registration and enlistment office (for young people under the age of 25), a TIN for a new surname (for women who have married and have changed it), as well as an expired passport (if you have one). A certificate of no criminal record is also required. You can get it from the police without any problems.

Take the collection of the necessary documents very seriously. After all, the absence of this or that paper or its incorrect filling can cause a refusal to issue and a new collection of documents.

After all the documents are collected, pay the state fee for obtaining a passport. It is about 85 hryvnia. In this case, the production time for the passport will be 30 days. If you want to speed up this process, then pay a double duty - 170 hryvnia - and the period will be reduced to 10 days. In the case when the question arises about a very urgent passport production (for example, an unexpected urgent business trip, participation in competitions, etc.), in addition to paying a double duty, provide the appropriate document confirming the urgency. Then your passport will be prepared for you in just a couple of days.

In order to get your passport without any problems, you need to know in advance the days and hours of admission. The queue is usually occupied almost from dawn. Therefore, tune in to a long enough wait.

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