How To Terminate Enforcement Proceedings

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How To Terminate Enforcement Proceedings
How To Terminate Enforcement Proceedings

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Enforcement proceedings have been initiated against you. This is possible if you are overdue, if you have started a bankruptcy case, or if someone has won a case against you in court. Termination of enforcement proceedings is possible in several ways. The first way is to fulfill all the requirements of the bailiff-executor. The second way is to appeal against the decision to start enforcement proceedings.

How to terminate enforcement proceedings
How to terminate enforcement proceedings


Step 1

The law "On Enforcement Proceedings" gives you the opportunity to voluntarily fulfill the requirements set out in the writ of execution. Usually a week is given for this. In this case, you will not be charged an execution fee. The latter is an unpleasant thing. It represents accruals for each day, which lasted for enforcement proceedings and can reach very significant amounts. It is best to voluntarily fulfill the requirements of the bailiff, which will save you significant money.

Step 2

However, you may not want to pay the money right away. In this case, the bailiff will begin to seize your property in order to pay off the debt. The property will be sold at a bargain price. Moreover, the enforcement fee will be charged for each day while the bailiff sells this property. This is a completely nasty procedure.

Step 3

You can appeal the actions of the bailiff in court if they violate your rights. In addition, the bailiff must confiscate property in the manner specified in the law "On Enforcement Proceedings." Otherwise, his actions will be recognized as illegal.

Step 4

You can also appeal the decision on the basis of which the enforcement proceedings were initiated against you. The reasons for this can be very different. If this is a civil case, then file a supervisory review. Try not to miss your chance; supervision is being actively reformed, it is unclear what will happen to it in the coming years.

Step 5

You can also declare that new facts have been revealed that confirm your innocence in the dispute. In this case, production will be started due to new or newly discovered circumstances. It is in your best interest to finish it faster - the enforcement fee and proceedings will not be completed until the court's decision is made.

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