How To Make People Work

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How To Make People Work
How To Make People Work

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The staff in your organization is full, all specialists are in the field, and things are not going uphill. Take a closer look at the HR manager: perhaps he made mistakes in the selection of specialists, his job responsibilities are irrationally distributed. Another possible reason is poor labor motivation.

How to make people work
How to make people work


Step 1

Material motivation for work has long been one of the main. It implies both reward for high performance indicators and punishment (reduction of the amount of bonuses, imposition of a fine for violation of discipline, etc.). Upbringing with a “ruble” is very effective for many organizations, especially for those where strict adherence to technology and labor discipline guarantees a positive result. At such enterprises, a competently drafted Regulation on bonuses for employees is the key to success.

Material motivation also includes:

• availability of a social package in the organization;

• additional types of incentives (for example, "for a healthy lifestyle", others);

• payment for rental housing or the provision of free specialized housing to certain categories of workers.

Step 2

However, using only material goods as motivation is clearly not enough. What, for example, prevents an employee from strictly observing discipline, fulfilling duties in accordance with job descriptions, while remaining completely indifferent to the final result of work, lack of initiative?

A competent labor motivation scheme must necessarily include:

• correct placement of personnel (taking into account the nature, individual abilities of specialists);

• referral to advanced training courses for promising employees (with subsequent promotion up the job ladder);

• training of young workers (if there is a real need for such specialists);

• development and training of an effective personnel reserve.

Approach these issues informally. It is not necessary to send an employee to study, who even copes with his duties somehow. Often this is done only in order to spend the money allocated by the management for these purposes (to fulfill the plan). In the same way, it is not necessary to include in the reserve those employees who fit according to formal criteria (education, age, position, etc.), but in fact cannot perform the work of a manager due to their business qualities. After all, substantial funds are usually spent on training the reserve.

Step 3

The last, very important point is publicity. The results of the work of the team must be brought to the attention of each employee. If, as a result of the initiative of an individual employee, brigade, shift, additional profit is obtained, everyone should know about it.

Today it is not enough to hold a general meeting on the results of work for a quarter, a year. Use any visual aids to do this - bulletin board flyers with colorful diagrams, video conference calls (for large businesses), intranets, corporate events, and more.

All this will make it possible to turn the team into a community of like-minded people, and no one will need to be forced to work.

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