How To Find Out Your Salary

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How To Find Out Your Salary
How To Find Out Your Salary
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Any work should be adequately paid. But a situation often arises in which the employee feels that his actions are receiving insufficient remuneration and that he is being deceived. How to find out your salary?

How to find out your salary
How to find out your salary


Step 1

The simplest solution: go to the company's accounting department and find out everything there. Salary is a flat rate that an employee must be paid for the past month, regardless of the past working days and hours worked. In accounting, you are required to provide a pay sheet, which will indicate in detail what kind of salary you receive.

Step 2

If the accounting department does not cooperate, ask to show you the employment contract. It must indicate the required amount of work performed and the salary that is paid for it.

Step 3

Take a certificate in the accounting department on the 2NDFL form. It will reflect all your payments and accruals, bonuses, benefits, etc., including, of course, the official salary. If you are denied accounting, contact the tax office.

Step 4

The salary is often not equal to the salary. This is the minimum you should be getting. To it are added coefficients, incentive payments, interest from the company's income, and so on. If you once received a very small amount in a month, then specify the amount of salary in your employment contract. If your management is dissatisfied for some reason or the organization is doing very badly, most likely, you will simply be paid a salary - the minimum wage without any allowances. In this case, you have no right to complain, as the terms of the employment contract have been met.

Step 5

The retirement fund will help you find out everything about your salary. Find out what deductions from your salary did the accounting department of the company, and calculate what the original amount was. This method will help if you assume that the employer declares a far from real amount of your earnings in order to pay less taxes and deductions.

Step 6

Thus, the employee has every reason to know how much and for what he is paid. If you think that the employer is acting dishonestly, contact the right authorities and get your way.

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