How To Write A Letter To The Village Administration

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How To Write A Letter To The Village Administration
How To Write A Letter To The Village Administration
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Local governments are obliged to respond to citizens' appeals. The legislation establishes the exact terms for which the representative of a particular body must give an answer. This period is 30 days, unless additional data is required. The forms of appeal can be different, but most often they are letters.

How to write a letter to the village administration
How to write a letter to the village administration

It is necessary

  • - a computer with a text editor;
  • - Printer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - legislative acts on this issue;
  • - the address of the village administration.


Step 1

For your appeal to be effective, find out what level of municipality your village is. As a rule, this is an urban or rural settlement of the first level. Some district centers are considered second-tier settlements. The powers assigned to local governments depend on this. Of course, you can and should contact on any issue, but the content of the letters will be different. If the local administration can solve your problem on its own, this is exactly what you need to demand from it. But it is not uncommon for residents to address issues that are under the jurisdiction of higher authorities. In such a situation, it is better to apply not to the executive, but to the representative body and propose to come up with an appropriate legislative initiative.

Step 2

Write to the administration in the event that it was not possible to achieve a solution to the problem from the organization that is directly involved in your issue. For example, if you are concerned about the poor performance of utilities, call them first. Ask the person who received your call to introduce themselves. Write down his name and title, as well as the time of the call. Utilities themselves must do this, but they do not always have the technical capability. Do the same if you are not satisfied with the work of the village kindergarten or the quality of food at the school. Even if the resolution of the issue is not within the competence of the local authorities of your village, they are obliged to keep the situation under control.

Step 3

Try to find legislation on your issue. This can be the Housing or Labor Code, the law on education, and much more. List articles that might be useful to you. If necessary, consult with a lawyer.

Step 4

Briefly and clearly state your problem. List the laws that prove you are right. Write down what steps you have taken in order to cope with this task. For example, write on what date and at what time you called the utility, who answered you and what said. Express your suggestions.

Step 5

Fill out the letter. Despite the fact that local governments are obliged to respond to all letters. You can write it by hand, but it must be done in legible handwriting. It is best to type the letter on a computer. In the upper right corner, write to whom the letter is addressed. This can be the head of administration or the head of a department. Indicate who the letter is from. Write your surname, name and patronymic in full. Do not forget about contact information - address, apartment or mobile phone.

Step 6

Start your letter with a polite message. It is most appropriate to start it with the word "respected" and address the addressee by name and patronymic. Reprint or rewrite text that is already on the draft. If you are typing it on a computer, then align the reference in the center, and everything else on two sides. Don't forget the red line. At the bottom, indicate the date and write a transcript of the signature. Print and sign the letter.

Step 7

You can send your appeal by registered mail with notification. A more convenient way is to take it to the administration yourself. Sign with the secretary and ask for a copy.In this case, you can keep track of how long the response will be received.

Step 8

Some villages have their own sites. The question-answer form is not used everywhere yet. But you can send a letter by e-mail if the address of the head of administration or the department you need is indicated in the contact information of the site. It is better to type the text in a text editor and attach it to the letter. If the administration website has a special contact form, use it. Enter your details correctly and fill in the field. As a rule, in such cases, the number of characters in the letter is limited, so state your thoughts as briefly and clearly as possible.

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