How To Compile A Defective Repair List

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How To Compile A Defective Repair List
How To Compile A Defective Repair List
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If it is necessary to carry out repair work, regardless of whether it is a house or a car, it is recommended to draw up a defective repair list, which will reflect all the details and list all areas or parts to be repaired.

How to compile a defective repair list
How to compile a defective repair list


Step 1

First, conduct a technical survey with a survey. To do this, hire an expert organization that has all the necessary equipment to survey the object to be repaired. In addition to the equipment, they must have all the normative and technical documentation, on the basis of which they will check and assess the degree of damage. A defect is a deviation from the requirements of the design documentation. The test results are compared with GOST.

Step 2

Draw up different defect lists for different types of work if your organization needs to repair different objects, i.e. and equipment and premises.

Step 3

There is no approved uniform form for the list of defects. You can compose it in any form, but you must definitely indicate the details provided for in paragraph 2 of Art. 9 of the Federal Law "On Accounting".

Step 4

Draw up a list of defects based on the technical survey. In the defect list, it is necessary to reflect, respectively, defects in structures and assemblies, describe all technological and organizational measures for their elimination. In the same defect list, you must indicate the amount of repair work and list the main materials required for the repair. If the brand and type of material is of fundamental importance, you can also indicate this in the document.

Step 5

Entrust the compilation of the statement to experienced, highly qualified workers associated with the repair of equipment or buildings. The list of defects is a document according to which an estimate is made and the repair work performed is checked, therefore, the correct and detailed drawing up of this document is very important. Since the statement is part of the estimate documentation, it must be signed by both the customer with the stamp “Approved” and the contractor.

Step 6

If you find significant differences between the description of defects in the estimate of the contractor with whom you entered into a contract for the repair work, and the defective statement drawn up by experts, require the contractor to explain this fact in writing and approve this document.

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