How To Formalize Changes In The Collective Agreement

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How To Formalize Changes In The Collective Agreement
How To Formalize Changes In The Collective Agreement

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Labor and other relations directly related to them between employees and employers are regulated by a collective agreement. It is concluded for a period of not more than three years, which can be extended by agreement of the parties. If necessary, amendments can be made to an already concluded collective agreement. The procedure for this procedure is defined in article 42 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

How to formalize changes in the collective agreement
How to formalize changes in the collective agreement


Step 1

Amendments and additions to the collective agreement during the term of its validity occurs in accordance with the procedure established by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation for its conclusion, or in the manner that is separately established directly in the collective agreement.

Step 2

If there is a need to amend the collective agreement, the elected representative body from the collective of employees sends the management of the enterprise or its representative proposals to start negotiations on this issue. They may set the date for negotiations between the parties to amend the content of the collective agreement.

Step 3

The party initiating collective bargaining is sent by the other party a written response listing those representatives from their party who will be authorized to participate in the work of the joint commission.

Step 4

By a separate order, agreed with the relevant representative body of workers, a commission is formed for collective bargaining, discussion and preparation of amendments to the current collective agreement.

Step 5

The prepared draft of changes must be discussed and finalized, if necessary, in all divisions of the enterprise, its branches and other separate departments.

Step 6

After that, changes are made to the collective agreement, approved by representatives of the employer and employees. The approval of the changes made is made within the time frame agreed by the parties, but no later than three months from the date of the beginning of collective bargaining. All members of the single representative body must put their signatures on the part of employees.

Step 7

The employer or his authorized representative must send the collective agreement with the amendments and annexes to the relevant labor authority at the employer's location for notification registration.

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