How To Issue A Withdrawal From The Decree

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How To Issue A Withdrawal From The Decree
How To Issue A Withdrawal From The Decree

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There are two options for when a woman on maternity leave goes to work. The first is early withdrawal from parental leave. The second is the planned exit from the decree. In both cases, the exit from maternity leave at the enterprise is drawn up in a unified form.

How to issue a withdrawal from the decree
How to issue a withdrawal from the decree


Step 1

If a woman who is on parental leave goes to work ahead of schedule, she must notify the management of the enterprise in writing about her desire to resume her job duties. You must receive notification in the form of an application from her no later than two weeks before the date of entry to work. In the application, the employee must indicate that she is asking to withdraw her from parental leave.

Step 2

After you receive an application from the employee, you need to issue an order for the company in the prescribed form on the early exit of the employee. The order should certainly indicate that in connection with the exit from parental leave, the employee who has started her duties should be considered from such and such a date.

Step 3

It is possible that a woman, who has started her official duties after leaving the parental leave for up to one and a half years, wishes to work part-time. In this case, be sure to indicate in the order for the employee's early departure to work that the woman will work part-time. This option is quite possible, since in this case, the employee will continue to receive childcare benefits.

Step 4

If a woman leaves maternity leave according to the plan, namely exactly at the end of this leave, she should write a statement that she is considered to have started her duties from the day following the last day of the end of the parental leave. Then you issue a parental leave order.

Step 5

On the first day of the employee's work, you must provide her with a workplace and job duties that correspond to the position she held before going on maternity leave.

Step 6

If, during the maternity leave of the employee, another employee was hired in her place, you are obliged to provide him with another vacant position available in the organization, and if the employee refuses it, then you must dismiss him. The dismissal is formalized by an order for the enterprise, with the payment of all funds due upon dismissal.

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