How To Be A Good Salesperson Consultant

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How To Be A Good Salesperson Consultant
How To Be A Good Salesperson Consultant

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With an abundance of goods and fierce competition, sales consultants receive a small salary, plus a percentage of turnover. To have a good income, it is not enough to passively respond to customer requests. Inside the company, the wise salesperson acts like an independent entrepreneur.

How to be a good salesperson consultant
How to be a good salesperson consultant


Step 1

Study the product thoroughly. A good consultant is able to perceive the product in the form of tables, graphs, diagrams, pictures and presentations. Moreover, he creates these visual aids himself and keeps in his head. To think big, you need to research the product better than anyone else in the company. You must know everything - from creating a product to using it. As a scout, you should be aware of the features, nuances and types of goods / services.

Step 2

Create a specialist aura. Customers who come to the store react in a certain way to the appearance of the consultant. If a store sells complex technical items and the consultant looks like a nerd, there will be no credibility. Artificially create a specialist aura around you. Think over to the details of the appearance, shoes, bag, accessories. Everything should be tailored to the product being sold. From a glance at you, the buyer should immediately determine that you are a specialist with whom to consult. This effect can be achieved with the listed details and a badge with appropriate inscriptions.

Step 3

Learn to identify needs. Any technique of competent questions will help with this. Read the relevant literature and practice the tips for identifying customer needs. You need to see the needs of your customers at a glance. Don't expect them to tell you about the problems themselves. The specialist differs from the amateur in that he is able to clarify the situation with several questions.

Step 4

Build a "bridge" between the needs of the buyer and the properties of the product. You must tell about the product in the language of a specific person. A diagram of the transition from the buyer's problems to the solution with the help of the product / service that you have should appear in your head. Think about this point quickly, but in detail. Until the "bridge" is drawn, there can be no question of any sale.

Step 5

Present the customer with a solution to their problem. What became obvious in the 4th step must be presented to the client. There is no need to talk about all the properties of the product. You certainly know a lot about the product. But knowledge will not impress the buyer or force him to shell out money for the product. The client is only interested in solving a specific problem. Tell us everything about the product that will help you solve this problem. Leave the rest of the properties and characteristics of the product with you, for other customers. Your task is to lay out the necessary portion of information, not to overfeed the client. Otherwise, he will get confused and leave to look for another consultant.

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