How To Get A Part-time Vacation

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How To Get A Part-time Vacation
How To Get A Part-time Vacation

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Many organizations have employees who work part-time. The personnel worker may have some questions that relate to the vacation of this part-time worker. What is the procedure for calculating and timing the granting of annual leave?

How to get a part-time vacation
How to get a part-time vacation


Step 1

According to the Labor Code of Art. Chapter 286 44, employees who work part-time are granted annual leave in parallel with the leave at the main place of work. In the case when it is less, the employer must provide leave without pay for the missing days.

Step 2

Leave is granted even if the employee has not completed the six months prescribed by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. Thus, this is a kind of advance payment.

Step 3

Information about vacations in the organization is compiled in a special form that contains a schedule. This document is drawn up two weeks before the beginning of the calendar year. Prior to this period, a part-time employee must inform the manager or head of the personnel department of the date of leave at the main place of work.

Step 4

To arrange an annual leave for a part-time employee, you must familiarize yourself with the certificate from the main place of work. It can be composed in any form. Also, the part-time worker must provide a copy of the order (order) on granting leave to the employee (form No. T-6).

Step 5

Based on the above documents, the accountant must calculate the vacation pay. They are calculated in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, Article 139, Chapter 21, that is, payments are calculated based on average earnings.

Step 6

In order for the part-time worker to notify in advance about the vacation at the main place of work, it is necessary to register this in the employment contract. In case of violation of this condition, the employee is subject to disciplinary punishment, but he retains the right to vacation in any case.

Step 7

Sometimes it happens that an employee was given a vacation in advance, and without having worked for six months, he quits. In this case, the paid vacation pay is deducted from his salary.

Step 8

In the event that a part-time worker has the main place of work in your own campaign, but in a different position, he will have to write a vacation application twice and an order is also drawn up for each position.

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