How To Draw Up A Letter Of Resignation

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How To Draw Up A Letter Of Resignation
How To Draw Up A Letter Of Resignation

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Everything changes in life: new horizons appear, promising opportunities attract, and now the once coveted job does not seem as attractive as it used to be. In order to end the business relationship with the previous employer, it is necessary to draw up a letter of resignation competently and in a timely manner.

How to draw up a letter of resignation
How to draw up a letter of resignation


Step 1

In the upper left corner of the blank sheet, write the position of the head of the organization from which you are going to resign, his last name, initials. Below, indicate from whom the application was made: your position, surname, name, patronymic, personnel number (if any).

Step 2

In the center of the line, write the name of the document "Application" in capital letters.

Step 3

In the text part of the application, write: "I ask you to dismiss me of your own free will …". If deemed necessary, add to this phrase "in connection with …" and list the reasons why you want to terminate your employment with this employer. Write briefly and clearly why you decided to leave your job. Keep in mind that positive recommendations from previous jobs can always come in handy in life. Therefore, structure your phrases so that after reading the manual, there is no unpleasant aftertaste left, even if you are in a tense relationship or are unhappy with your payment. State neutral, gentle reasons for leaving. If you are having difficulty in writing this part of the application, just omit it: by law, it is not at all necessary to indicate the reasons for dismissal of your own free will.

Step 4

Indicate the date of dismissal. According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, you are required to notify the employer of your desire to terminate employment no later than two weeks before the date of dismissal. These 14 days are necessary for the organization in which you work to find a new employee for your place. The last business day will be the date you indicate on your application. If you write: “I ask you to dismiss me of my own free will on August 25, 2012”, then at the end of the working day on August 25, the employment contract will lose its validity, and you will have a work book in your hands. However, by agreement of the parties, you can be dismissed earlier than two weeks: for example, on the day of writing the application.

Step 5

At the end of the application, put your signature and the date of submission of the document.

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