How To Write A Letter Of Resignation

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How To Write A Letter Of Resignation
How To Write A Letter Of Resignation

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Dismissal from the ranks of the Armed Forces of servicemen serving on a contract basis occurs at their request. Such a document is a letter of resignation. You can write it yourself, based on the current legislation.

How to write a letter of resignation
How to write a letter of resignation


Step 1

Take a sheet of A4 paper, in the upper right corner write the details of the person in whose name the letter of resignation from the ranks of the Armed Forces is written. In this case, indicate the position, military rank and initials of the unit commander.

Step 2

Capitalize the word report in the middle of the paper. Below you will find your request with the higher command to be discharged from the army. In the document, include the exact date of reaching the age limit for retirement, indicating your calendar age, as an example. Or state another reason, such as being discharged from the military for health reasons. In this case, you need to attach copies of the required medical reports and certificates. Here, write your full military rank, surname, name and patronymic.

Step 3

Indicate the position held, year of birth and which military commissariat were called up to the ranks of the armed forces. Write the name of the legislative source on the basis of which you can file a report, with the exact indication of the article and paragraph.

Step 4

Indicate from what time you have been doing military service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The exact date is written with the date, month and year. The next item will be the date of the conclusion of the contract on military service in the Armed Forces.

Step 5

State the request for referral to the military medical commission, if the dismissal is related to the appointment of an age limit. Please indicate in writing if you refuse a medical examination.

Step 6

Please note whether you are provided with living space according to the norms established by the current legislation. This paragraph indicates the provision of housing at the time of dismissal and the full address of the place of residence.

Step 7

Express your agreement or disagreement with the calculation of length of service when leaving the army upon reaching the age limit.

Step 8

Indicate the military commissariat, for military registration of which it is necessary to send a personal file. The last item in the report is the determination of the place of residence in retirement. The bottom line contains your position, military rank, signature and surname. The date of writing the resignation report is put in the lower left corner of the sheet.

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