How To Survive In A Team

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How To Survive In A Team
How To Survive In A Team

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A benevolent team, in which there is no clash of interests, gossip and intrigue, unfortunately, does not occur very often. At work, its own "laws" reign. By studying the rules of the game, you can simultaneously fulfill your own interests and not spoil relations with other employees.

Surviving in a team can be difficult
Surviving in a team can be difficult


Step 1

Be more tolerant with people. Accept every colleague's right to be who they are. If you cannot immediately understand the motives of a person's behavior, this does not mean that he is wrong. You cannot know everything, so do not rush to condemn the employees of your company for any actions or words.

Step 2

Take a closer look at people who, in your opinion, are not very friendly towards you. Think about what motives might be driving them. Do not provoke enemies into conflict. If you do not have to often intersect with such a colleague on work issues, try to reduce contacts with him to "no".

Step 3

Don't take your colleagues' attacks personally. The fact that they dislike you is their own problem. It has nothing to do with your competence or personality. Don't let detractors lower your self-esteem and diminish your work enthusiasm. You have information about all your labor achievements and you yourself know that you are worthy of love and respect.

Step 4

Don't make your relationship with your line manager worse. Don't argue with him openly. Pay attention to your tone when speaking or communicating with your superiors. Your position with the leadership should be on an equal footing. You should not bend under the person who is ahead of you on the career ladder. But you should be careful with words.

Step 5

Maintain corporate traditions. Celebrate the holidays with your colleagues, if appropriate in your workplace. Sometimes it is worth bringing something for tea to treat employees, or bring small souvenirs to colleagues from vacation. Participate in corporate events.

Step 6

Do not oppose yourself to the team. Don't try to appear smarter, more experienced, or more intelligent than your colleagues. Otherwise, you may find yourself not only alone, but also out of favor with most people. Try to establish contact with every person with whom you are connected by work. Surely you have some common ground or common topics for discussion.

Step 7

Treat work and all the problems associated with it, including unpleasant moments in a relationship with a colleague, adequately. This is just the place where you work. If the situation gets too far, you have the freedom to choose. Act in your own interests and change both work and team.

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