How To Write A Claim For A Car

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How To Write A Claim For A Car
How To Write A Claim For A Car

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Many motorists turn to a car service for car repair, troubleshooting, replacement of parts. In case of poor quality services, the owner of the car has the right to demand repeated repair or refund for the service provided, compensation for damage. For this, a claim is made to the name of the owner of the car service - the performer of the work.

How to write a claim for a car
How to write a claim for a car


  • - work order;
  • - check, receipt, coupon for payment of services;
  • - vehicle documentation;
  • - the passport;
  • - details of the car service.


Step 1

In the right corner of the application (claim), write the name of the addressee, that is, the name of the car dealership (contractor), as well as personal data, the position of the head of the organization where you received poor quality services, replaced the part with a faulty one, and so on. Now enter your surname, initials, registration address, as well as the phone number (mobile, landline), by which the administration of the car dealership can contact you.

Step 2

In the substantive part of the claim, write the date of the provision of services in this car service, the name, make of the car that was repaired by the contractor. As a rule, replacement of parts, troubleshooting is carried out on the basis of a work order, indicate the number of this document. Enter the cost of services in words and numbers in accordance with the check, coupon or receipt (depending on which document confirms the fact of payment for services in a particular car service). Indicate the warranty period for the work provided (if, of course, it is set). Write what shortcomings you found when operating the car.

Step 3

If an accident occurs due to a car breakdown, please indicate this. Write down the amount of damage caused to you (if any). For example, paying for towing from the scene of an accident. Attach supporting documents (check, receipt).

Step 4

Referring to Article 29 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", write in your request for the re-provision of services, payment for the work of another car service (whose employees eliminated the shortcomings), a full refund on order, along with compensation for damage incurred. Enter the period during which the car service needs to fix the problem, return the money. Please note that the above law stipulates that the contractor is obliged to pay a penalty in the amount of 3% of the cost of services for each day of delay. Therefore, when concluding a contract with a car service, follow this requirement during the signing of the documentation.

Step 5

Put on the claim the date of its preparation, your personal signature. Attach a copy of your receipt, receipt, or coupon with your claim. Give one copy of the documentation to the management of the car service, ask to put a mark on the claim on the acceptance of documents. Keep another copy. If you refuse to accept your claim, send the documents by mail to the address of the car service with a receipt acknowledgment.

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