How To Get Your Passport Back

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How To Get Your Passport Back
How To Get Your Passport Back

Video: How To Get Your Passport Back

Video: How To Get Your Passport Back

The passport is the main identity document. If it is lost, damage must be immediately reported to the internal affairs bodies. You can return the document by placing ads in the media, or you can issue a new passport at the territorial migration service.

How to get your passport back
How to get your passport back


  • - application to the internal affairs bodies;
  • - announcements in the media;
  • - application to the territorial migration service;
  • - a package of documents for a new passport.


Step 1

If you lose your passport, immediately contact the nearest police department. Write a statement, indicate when, where, under what circumstances you lost the document. This must be done without fail, because if you fail to return your lost passport, when you draw up a new document, you will have to present a certificate from law enforcement agencies about the loss (order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs No. 985), and it can only be issued on the basis of your application.

Step 2

Advertise your loss in the media. Most often, someone else's identity document is not needed by anyone, and they will gladly return it to you for a reward. Indicate the amount you are willing to pay, contact numbers.

Step 3

If no one responds to your ad, and you still do not have a passport, contact the territorial migration service. You will be issued a new one based on the submitted documents.

Step 4

In the FMS, submit an application, a certificate from the internal affairs bodies, 4 photographs measuring 35x45 mm, a receipt confirming the payment of the state fee. Today the state duty is 500 rubles. Persons liable for military service, retirees, persons of draft age will need to present a military ID with a mark on registration.

Step 5

A passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation is issued no more than 10 calendar days, but such periods are provided only if you applied to the territorial migration service at the place of permanent registration. If you are registered temporarily, and a permanent residence permit is issued in another region, the processing time may drag on for 2 months, which are necessary for a complete verification of the information you provided and your identity.

Step 6

To make additional marks in the newly issued document, present the child's birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, information about the blood group.

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