How To Efficiently Schedule Tasks Per Department

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How To Efficiently Schedule Tasks Per Department
How To Efficiently Schedule Tasks Per Department

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No good department work is possible without thoughtful organization. Its implementation with proper quality within the planned time depends only on this. The main task of the manager is setting a goal, organizational support for its implementation, the correct distribution of responsibilities among employees, ensuring consistency in their actions, analysis and control of the results achieved. This will allow for effective management and planning of the department's work.

How to efficiently schedule tasks for a department
How to efficiently schedule tasks for a department


Step 1

Think over the technological process that is entrusted to your department, break it down into several simple components, subtasks. Decide on the performers of each, while taking into account such factors as the experience and qualifications of each employee, personality traits, as well as the importance and priority of each subtask. Consider the sequence of execution, the schedule and those points on it at which the results should be analyzed and monitored. Try to take into account all factors that can affect the quality and timing of work and minimize their impact. Consider fallback options, including interchangeability issues.

Step 2

Distribute responsibilities. Try not to pull the covers over yourself and give your subordinates the opportunity to prove themselves. Do not forget that the main task of a leader is administrative activities. Specify the powers and area of ​​responsibility of each employee, define for each the set of powers that he will have within the framework of a specific production task.

Step 3

Limit the right to make independent decisions only to those employees on whose qualifications and experience you can absolutely rely. In any case, always reserve the right to make the final decision. Ensure internal communication between all working groups in the department, appoint responsible leaders in each group. Who will be able to resolve all issues among themselves. Agree that in case of misunderstanding and conflicts, you would be notified. Maintain a balance between collaboration and competition in your department. This is a great mobilizing factor.

Step 4

Analyze and control the results obtained with the established regularity and frequency. Make full use of the manager's tools that allow you to increase the responsibility and performance discipline of subordinates. Motivate them and be fair in the distribution of both penalties and material incentives.

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