How To Get Used To A New Job

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How To Get Used To A New Job
How To Get Used To A New Job

Video: How To Get Used To A New Job

Video: How To Get Used To A New Job
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Going to a new job is always accompanied by some changes in life, and sometimes stress. It takes time and patience to get used to it. Getting used to a new place and joining the team is your main task during the first working days.

How to get used to a new job
How to get used to a new job


  • - new things;
  • - photo frame.


Step 1

Try to accompany your new job with other positive changes. Get a new haircut, update your wardrobe, buy some CDs with beautiful music, start doing light exercises in the morning and brewing aromatic coffee. Let different habits enter your life, because the job change was probably connected with your desire to achieve great goals.

Step 2

At work, be friendly and positive, even if you don't like everything right now. In a few months, you will look at the team in a completely different way: many of the colleagues around you will surely become good friends for you and turn out to be excellent interlocutors. Also, if your new responsibilities seem daunting, remember that this is only temporary. Emphasize that you are gaining invaluable experience by mastering hitherto unfamiliar information.

Step 3

Try to personalize your office space without overwhelming it with your personal belongings. Put one frame with a photo, bring your own cup, put a mini bottle of your favorite perfume in a drawer. For all your colleagues, buy a large selection of different teas: this is an occasion for small joint teas and comparisons of taste characteristics.

Step 4

At first, try to take a closer look at the team, to understand who is in the lead, who makes the main decisions, who is especially irritable, who you can turn to. Do not immediately "bend your line" and demonstrate character. Act confidently but delicately.

Step 5

Try to quickly master the unspoken rules at work in your new job. If the boss is used to holding a final evening meeting that delays you at work for 15 minutes, in most cases it is better to accept this, rather than run with complaints to the labor inspectorate.