How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Unscrupulous Employers

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How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Unscrupulous Employers
How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Unscrupulous Employers

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When applying for a job, you can become a victim of unscrupulous employers. In order not to get into the ranks of the free labor force and not to fall into the network of scammers, you need to know several signs of deception and fraud.

How to avoid becoming a victim of unscrupulous employers
How to avoid becoming a victim of unscrupulous employers


Step 1

Try to spot scammers at the stage of your job search. While reading the ad, assess it adequately: there are many signs by which you can immediately exclude suspicious vacancies. If the job advertisement does not indicate a specific position, and it looks vague, without specifying the address and responsibilities, then most likely you are dealing with adventurers. It is worth considering if a lot of vacancies with a limited number of places are posted under the same phone number and from the same employer, or if the position requires people without work experience for high wages. Serious announcements clearly state the applicant's requirements, future responsibilities, and adequate salary.

Step 2

The next step, when you find what you think is a solid ad and are about to call or send a resume, also requires vigilance. Before doing this, find out all you can about the company. Reliable employers always have a website where vacancies are often posted directly. If there is one that interests you, then you can try yourself for a position. If only one phone number is indicated, it is not a landline, but a mobile one, then there is a possibility that the company is not serious. Do not call numbers with an unknown code and do not send SMS messages, most likely this is just siphoning off money. When, at the stage of sending your resume, you are asked for a copy of your passport or the provision of data that does not in any way relate to your future work, you should think about the decency of a potential employer.

Step 3

The third stage that requires your attention is the interview. Do not hesitate to ask about salary, job descriptions, place of work. You should get adequate and complete answers to such questions. If possible, ask existing employees about the firm, about the stability of payments, let them tell you their independent opinion about the management and transparency of the structure as a whole. And if you are asked at an interview to immediately write a job application and a letter of resignation, referring to their practice, you should not take such a company seriously. Another reason to think about the solidity of the company is if you are not immediately provided with a job, saying that you need to wait. Or, on the contrary, when you are immediately entrusted with a difficult job that does not correspond to your competence or qualifications, arguing that you can cope without anyone's help, you can safely look for another employer.

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