How To Get A Job In The Federal Tax Service

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How To Get A Job In The Federal Tax Service
How To Get A Job In The Federal Tax Service
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The Tax Service is one of the most stable structures. She is distinguished by the possibility of high professional growth and, accordingly, a systematic increase in wages. A good option for employment.

Many lawyers and economists dream of working for the Federal Tax Service. But in our society there is an opinion that it is impossible to get a job in the Federal Tax Service without a "shaggy paw" and a bundle of banknotes.

I was convinced from personal experience that all this is a lie. Of course, it is not so easy to get a job at the Federal Tax Service, but it is possible. Even yesterday's high school graduate without patronage can find a job in the Federal Tax Service. And today I decided to share my experience with you.

How to get a job in the Federal Tax Service
How to get a job in the Federal Tax Service


  • - a document on higher education in law or economics and its photocopy;
  • - passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and its photocopy;
  • - no previous convictions for the candidate and his close relatives;
  • - a certificate from the Federal Tax Service at the place of registration;
  • - medical certificate on the absence of diseases impeding the civil service;
  • - photographs (format 3x4 cm);
  • - a written application for the consideration of your candidacy for service in the tax authorities.


Step 1

Go to the official website of the Federal Tax Service in your area and see if there are open positions. If you live in a village, you can find out about the opening of a competition for an empty seat in one of the regional print media.

By law, the competition must be open for at least 30 days. The announcement of the opening of the competition must indicate the conditions for admission and the deadline for submission of documents, and the announcement will also indicate the address to which it is necessary to send a previously prepared package of documents. In the paragraph "You will need" I indicated a standard set of documents that I personally sent. But it may differ depending on the conditions of the competition, so I recommend that you call the personnel department of the Federal Tax Service and clarify the list of required documents.

Step 2

The Federal Tax Service conducts open tenders, so be prepared for competition. If you graduated from the university quite recently, then it will be easier for you, since all the legislation that you studied has not yet had time to be forgotten. If you graduated from a higher educational institution long ago, then I recommend that you repeat the main points of the Tax Code, the Civil Code and the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Step 3

The competition will be held in two stages. At the first stage, employees of the personnel department of the Federal Tax Service will study your documents and establish their reliability. With me, several candidates dropped out of the competition at this stage.

Step 4

The second stage is an interview. It is practically no different from other interviews, so if you are a professional in your field, then you can easily pass it. Try not to be nervous and answer the questions posed clearly and distinctly.

Step 5

After the interview, you will have to wait. I waited 3 weeks, after which they called me and said that I was accepted. If you decide to go to serve in the Federal Tax Service, then I wish you a similar call!

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