How To Get A Job Abroad

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How To Get A Job Abroad
How To Get A Job Abroad

Video: How To Get A Job Abroad

Video: How To Get A Job Abroad
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In recent years, labor emigration for Russians has turned from exotic to everyday life. Thousands of our compatriots, tired of struggling with constantly growing tariffs and hopelessly lagging incomes, leave every year to work in Western countries in the hope of a better life. Today in Russia there are entire recruitment agencies that help people find work abroad. And yet, in order not to be trapped, you yourself need to have a clear idea of how to find a suitable job in a foreign country.

How to get a job abroad
How to get a job abroad


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In order not to waste a lot of time and effort, before contacting a recruiting agency with a request to find a suitable job, you should understand what kind of job in Western countries you can apply for and, most importantly, what kind of job you can actually get. The problem is that developed Western countries are very attractive to immigrants from all over the world. Therefore, they do not have a special need for migrant workers, with the exception of a small number of industries.

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As a rule, most Western countries today need highly qualified specialists in the field of IT, programming, medicine. Also in demand are builders, both professional and handymen, drivers, agricultural workers and service personnel for the restaurant and hotel business.

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When deciding for yourself the question of what kind of work you can get abroad, pay special attention to three main indicators: - your level of proficiency in a foreign language;

- professional qualifications;

- the opportunity for you to engage in unskilled physical labor. It should be borne in mind that there are a lot of qualified specialists, the so-called "white collars" in the countries themselves among the indigenous population. Therefore, you will be able to compete with them only with very good knowledge of the language and very high professional qualifications.

Step 4

Service workers and service personnel are in great demand in Western countries. Therefore, if your basic qualifications do not allow you to find a job according to your profile, it may make sense to pay attention to related professions in the service sector. In particular, professional nurses, nurses, maids and hostesses in hotels are always in demand. Also for women there is a real opportunity to get a job as nannies, private teachers of music or language, housekeepers. Even if you think that your professional status at home is much higher than these professions, you should not neglect the opportunities they provide.

Step 5

If you have serious language problems, most likely you will not be able to apply for any qualified job. In this case, there remains only seasonal work in agriculture and dirty, unskilled work in urban conditions. But even in this case, you will need knowledge of the language at least at the very minimum level in order to be able to understand the instructions of the owner and be able to communicate with him. You should not expect that you will learn the language already in the process of working at the workplace. Most employers do not intend to give their employees special time for language adaptation, they want to get the required results from the very beginning. Therefore, if you cannot communicate at all in the language of the country to which you plan to leave, it is better to postpone the move and devote some time to studying.