How To Capitalize Journals

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How To Capitalize Journals
How To Capitalize Journals

Video: How To Capitalize Journals

Video: How To Capitalize Journals
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Organization of a workspace is a prerequisite for full-fledged work, especially when it comes to an office. Creative mess is good for the home - and then only as long as it does not turn into a complete mess. If you do not already know how to capitalize all these magazines, newspapers, papers and other waste paper, do not despair. There are many different ways to solve a problem.

How to capitalize journals
How to capitalize journals


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Step 1

First, conduct a revision of the accumulated periodicals. A good part of it is probably high time to throw it away, but sort out what is a pity to throw away or what else may be useful. Now it will be much easier to deal with the problem.

Step 2

Sell or give away magazines. There are always those who wish, and in large quantities: good gloss is highly valued. And collectors hunt for more than just vintage issues of magazines with history.

Step 3

Buy or make yourself pretty boxes. This is the simplest and most economical option, besides, the boxes will dilute the strict office interior and will delight the eye.

Step 4

Buy magazine racks. Their range is huge today, and the benefits are invaluable. Newspaper racks are floor-standing, table-top, wall-mounted, built-in, and finally, korin magazine racks. They are mainly made from wood, leather and metal. Metallic ones are the most durable.

Step 5

Order a multifunctional shelving unit. Shelves were originally invented for storing books, so there is no better option for printed materials. And by the way, the rack takes up incomparably less space than an ordinary bookcase. In addition to magazines, it is convenient to store all kinds of little things, figurines, framed photographs, etc. on the shelves.

Step 6

Also order a functional coffee table. Thus, you can kill two birds with one stone: organize a so-called recreation area in the office and post periodicals.

Step 7

Order a design project for your office. Experts will not only develop the style of the interior, but will also help to optimize the space and save square meters. The problem of storing periodicals and all sorts of little things will be solved once and for all.

Step 8

Take waste paper out of the office! Perhaps this option will seem radical to some, but what if most of the accumulated printed matter is really no longer needed by anyone?