How To Renew A Collective Agreement

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How To Renew A Collective Agreement
How To Renew A Collective Agreement

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A collective agreement refers to internal legal acts that govern labor and social relations. The document is agreed for a period of one to three years (Article 41 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation). After the specified period, its extension is possible, but all items are subject to revision and agreement.

How to renew a collective agreement
How to renew a collective agreement


  • - meeting;
  • - protocol.


Step 1

To renew the collective bargaining agreement, convene a general meeting of the management of the enterprise and members of the trade union organization. If you do not have a trade union, then invite representatives of the management of structural divisions and a selected committee from among the working staff to the meeting.

Step 2

Record the entire course of the meeting in the minutes. Review all clauses of the agreement in order and hold a general vote. If the majority approved the item in question, then it is subject to inclusion in the new collective agreement. The extension of the old agreement is possible only if all the items introduced are still relevant and the majority of the members of the general meeting voted for them. If even one of the points has changed, then the document must be reissued.

Step 3

If during the meeting some of the members of the trade union, management, representatives of workers or heads of structural divisions introduced new proposals, then they are subject to consideration, voting and, with general approval, included in the collective agreement.

Step 4

Not a single clause of the contract should contradict labor and civil legislation, infringe on the rights of team members provided for by the Labor or Civil Code and not contradict other types of legislative acts applied in the Russian Federation. All clauses contrary to the law are considered invalid and their implementation is optional.

Step 5

Under the collective agreement, get the signatures of all persons who approved the document and voted for the adoption of this or that clause.

Step 6

The collective agreement is subject to registration in the journal of legal acts of the enterprise under the following serial number with the introduction of the date of adoption or amendment of the document.

Step 7

All employees must be verbally familiar with the accepted, approved or modified document.

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