How To Make Money On Essays

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How To Make Money On Essays
How To Make Money On Essays

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Are you well versed in any subject? Did the teachers constantly praise you, and your friends asked for help with the topic? Know that you can make good money on knowledge today. For example, if you write essays to order.

How to make money on essays
How to make money on essays


Step 1

Offer your services. Start with acquaintances. Word of mouth is a good old, tried and tested and very effective way to find new clients. Place your ads: in newspapers, on blackboards on the Internet, on forums, on information boards in schools, colleges, universities. Another "fishy" place is social networks. Write the offer of services on your personal page, as well as in all kinds of groups and communities dedicated to learning problems.

Step 2

Partner with companies that offer help to schoolchildren and students. There are hundreds of such companies today. Even living in a small town, thanks to the possibilities of the Internet, you can start cooperation with one of the Moscow firms. To do this, compose your proposal and send it to several companies at once. This is a good way to find a large number of orders. But the medal also has a downside. Such companies are intermediaries and authors of abstracts receive about 50% of the price paid by the customer. Therefore, when making a proposal for cooperation, deliberately do not indicate prices for your work, most companies have a fixed price for authors.

Step 3

Sell ​​finished work. Today on the Internet you can find a huge number of sites where ready-made abstracts are put up for sale. For authors, this is an opportunity to get paid for their work several times.

Step 4

Business expansion". This step is exclusively for those who have decided to seriously start making money on essays. To increase the number of orders, it makes sense to create your own website, as well as groups and communities in popular social networks and start promoting them. Use simple marketing gimmicks: discounts for regular customers, affiliate programs, a "refer a friend" campaign, etc.

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