How To Make Money On KakProsto From 3600 Rubles, Working 3 Hours A Day

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How To Make Money On KakProsto From 3600 Rubles, Working 3 Hours A Day
How To Make Money On KakProsto From 3600 Rubles, Working 3 Hours A Day

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How much you can earn on the KakProsto website by writing articles is of interest to many. It seems that this is the most popular question on the personal forums of the authors of this resource, which are in the TOP-20 of the rating. And you can make money on the resource quite simply by increasing the amount of earnings from month to month. Especially now, when the Action "We pay 40 rubles for an article and 20 rubles for a review", even a novice author of the site "KakProsto" has every chance to earn pretty decent money.

Make Money How Easy By Writing Articles And Reviews
Make Money How Easy By Writing Articles And Reviews

Making plans

Charles de Gaulle.

It looks like a quote from this well-known Frenchman is the motto of the "top" authors of the site "KakProsto". Let it become your guide to action, otherwise you won't earn serious money by writing articles. So, reserve 3 hours a day (minimum) for writing articles and reviews. Work better in the morning, when you are full of energy and a lot of ideas are swarming in your head. Serious earnings require a serious and planned approach, so tune in to a 7-day work week.

Exploring the possibilities

Remember that 20% of the effort you put into the beginning of the job will generate 80% of the income when it is completed.

Now on the resource "KakProsto" there are 3 opportunities to make money.

  1. You will earn 40 rubles one-time for each article published on the site. On average, you will need half an hour to prepare and write 1 article in a basic format. And, about 20 minutes per article - a step-by-step recipe.
  2. You will earn 20 rubles one-time for each published review. You will spend approximately 15 minutes preparing and writing one review. Some reviews, if you have a finished photo of a product or service, you can write in 5 minutes.
  3. 50 rubles for every thousand views of each of your articles and reviews. This is your passive income in the future.

We estimate income and get down to business

You probably already realized that the more effort you put in, the more you earn. This principle of life works as best as possible on this site. So, estimate your earnings, provided that you are busy 3 hours a day, 30 days a month and want to withdraw 3600 rubles to your bank account. To do this, you just need to write 1 article (40 rubles) and make 4 (80 rubles) reviews per day. We multiply 120 rubles per day by 30 working days and get the desired income. Within the first month, you can earn an additional 400 rubles on views of newly added articles and reviews.

Several authors on their forums have shared that they write 4 to 6 articles per day. My observations show that those authors whose articles I am subscribed to write from 3 to 5 recipe articles per day. You can put in the effort and double the number of reviews written. Earnings will also double. For example, now during the promotion, if you keep the pace of 4 articles and 6 reviews a day for 3 months, then every month you will earn (160 + 120) * 30 = 8400 rubles. And taking into account the fact that each article brings an average of 10 rubles, and a review of 5 rubles per views per month, you will earn 2,000 rubles extra. It turns out that very coveted "tidy" amount of 10 thousand rubles a month. And it will grow every month, as long as the action is in effect and while you work without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. Moreover, part of this income is passive, that is, received without your participation.

So, you have a desire to make money by writing, you have free time, you have a clear idea of ​​the possible income, you just have to start writing. Do you want to become the master of your life and earn money as an author without leaving your home? Ask the author of this article in the comments and go for it!

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