How To Get A Newbie Job On Workzilla

How To Get A Newbie Job On Workzilla
How To Get A Newbie Job On Workzilla

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Remote work is becoming more and more popular. However, when joining the ranks of freelancers, newbies face a number of challenges. First of all, these are the difficulties in order to get the first assignment. The employer-client tends to trust, first of all, experienced performers with a solid rating. But after all, experienced performers were once beginners. How to get a job on the Workzilla exchange for a beginner?

How to get a newbie job on Workzilla
How to get a newbie job on Workzilla

Workzilla is a fairly popular freelance exchange today. In general, it is not difficult to register, although there are certain difficulties. First of all, this is due to the fact that the contractor needs to identify his electronic wallet, as well as pay for the subscription. But now you have gone all the way of registration, you see tasks and try to get them - nothing comes of it. Here are some tricks and tips on how to get a job on the specified exchange.

1. Take your time - study. Explore all the examples of tasks that generally appear in the feed. At this stage, you should not apply the task filter, because sometimes the customers themselves incorrectly indicate the section in which their task should be placed. Once you've got an idea of ​​what tasks are, exclude those blocks that aren't interesting to you. Now is the time to apply the filter. Set the filtering so that your feed does not display tasks that you definitely cannot complete.

2. Study the work of the exchange from the inside. Become a customer. Using your existing Workzilla account, switch from the "Contractor" status to the "Customer" status. Create an imitation of the order that you would like to receive and place it on the exchange (for this you will have to replenish the balance). Carefully study the answers that are written by the performers who wish to receive the order you have created. Copy and save those phrases from the answers that you like the most: those, after reading which you, as a customer, will definitely get an idea of ​​the performer and his competence in the question indicated in the question. You can use these blank answers in the future, communicating with the customer as a performer. If one of the performers sends you a sample of their work in an attachment, also save and study this example carefully.

3. Raise your rating among other performers on your own. To do this, of course, is not entirely legal based on the rules of the Vorkzilla exchange, but by and large no one will check it. In order for at least a couple of completed tasks and positive feedback to appear in your status, create a task for yourself. To do this, you need to create a second account on the exchange and act as a customer. And then the performer. Again, check out other artists' responses and reviews. But give the task to "your" performer-account. And "complete" this task. Don't be stingy with a good review for yourself. Sample feedback text can be copied from other performers who responded to your assignment. One or two tasks "performed" in this way will be enough for the customers to look at you with a different look.

4. Edit and update the job feed. The feed contains about 100 tasks. New recently or just posted - at the very top. Below are those that have already hung on the site for some time. Every time you go to Workzilla, first of all, study the presented feed and answer the tasks that interest you. Then delete all the remaining tasks and click the "New" tab on the site page itself or "Refresh" on the browser tab. After that, you will see all the most "fresh" tasks placed on the exchange.

5. Introduce yourself favorably to the employer. When answering the assignments, try to attach examples of your work, and in the text of the answer use words and sentences from the assignment (not completely copied, but only indicating that you have studied the assignment carefully).When answering an assignment, do not be afraid to ask clarifying questions. This will make you feel like a conscientious performer who needs to understand everything and do the job efficiently.

In the first couples, earnings on the exchange will be minimal. You will have to do tasks with a small pay, the ones that were refused by more experienced performers. However, as you gradually gain rating, you can earn more. Perhaps you will even have regular customers with whom you will work directly. Good luck!

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