How To Count Printed Sheets

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How To Count Printed Sheets
How To Count Printed Sheets

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The printed sheet is a conventional unit for measuring the volume of a book, which is rarely used in the modern book and newspaper and magazine business. In journalism, it is customary to calculate the volume of a text in thousands of characters, and in book publishing - in author's sheets (and in some publishing houses oriented to Western standards - in the number of words). However, for reference, knowing what a printed sheet is and how it is calculated doesn't hurt.

How to count printed sheets
How to count printed sheets

It is necessary

  • - the size of the publication page;
  • - the size of the conditional printed sheet;
  • - the number of pages in the publication;
  • - calculator.


Step 1

A conventional printed sheet is 90 cm long and 70 cm wide. Newspaper formats known since Soviet times are also tied to the printed sheet: A2, A3, A4, A5 (the first two are used in practice mainly by newspapers, the last two - by magazines).

In Soviet and post-Soviet times, in the A2 format (that is, one page is equal to half of the printed sheet, such publications as Pravda or Literaturnaya Gazeta, A3 - Argumenty i Fakty) were and continue to be published.

To calculate the number of printed sheets, the ratio of the area of ​​the publication to its size is used.

Step 2

So, in order to calculate the volume of a publication in printed pages, you need the initial data on the length and width of its page (or, as they say in the publishing business, the page). Multiply the length of the strip by its width. The result of this arithmetic operation will be the area of ​​one strip. For example, for a publication with a strip width of 20 cm and a length of 30 cm, this is 600 sq. Cm.

Step 3

The area of ​​the printed sheet is also easy to calculate. Just multiply 70 by 90 and you get 6300 sq. Cm.

Step 4

Now you need to find out how the volume of the publication relates to the printed sheet. To do this, divide the area of ​​the page of the publication by the area of ​​the printed sheet. For the above case, this ratio is approximately 0.095.

Step 5

Now multiply the number of pages in the publication by the resulting coefficient. For 100 pages of size 20 by 30 cm, you need to multiply the coefficient 0, 095 by 100. It turns out that 100 pages of the specified size will take up 9, 5 printed sheets.

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