How To Check If A Person Was Sitting Or Not

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How To Check If A Person Was Sitting Or Not
How To Check If A Person Was Sitting Or Not

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Determining by appearance whether a person was sitting or not is not easy at all. Of course, if you have a well-developed so-called sixth sense, then it will be an easy task for you. But what if intuition says nothing, but you just need to find out?

How to check if a person was sitting or not
How to check if a person was sitting or not


Step 1

Basically, the majority of people who have served time in prison have tattoos on their bodies that were pinned up in prison. These tattoos are not simple, they carry a hidden meaning, and it is simply beyond the power to understand it for a person who has never had anything in common with this world.

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For example, you see a young man who has a star tattoo on his shoulder straps visible from under his T-shirt. And these shoulder straps do not mean at all what the shoulder straps of a military or a policeman, prison tattoos in the form of shoulder straps mean a denial of those ranks and foundations that shoulder straps mean for the military. If you see a person with a similar tattoo, then you may be in front of the simplest prisoner or the real authority of the underworld. Such a tattoo means that a person does not want to obey and bow before the authorities, he will never kneel before those who imprisoned him.

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For example, a tattoo in the form of a half-naked woman in the attire of a hussar, sitting on a cannon and holding a burning torch in her hands is a symbol of loyalty to a woman, as well as the threat of retribution for treason. Such a tattoo is usually found on the chest or back. A medieval helmet, pinned to the wrist, shoulder or thigh - symbolizes struggle and determination, indicating that the owner of the tattoo was in prison for robbery. A tattoo in the form of a skull pierced with a dagger, as well as a rose and a snake that wraps around the dagger, defines a person's involvement in the world of thieves. If you also see a snake's crown, then most likely this person is a thief's authority. Such a tattoo is usually applied to the shoulder, sometimes to the chest.

Step 4

There can be many more examples, one can even say that prison tattoos are a whole science. Although many young people now tattoo themselves simply because they find it beautiful, these tattoos have no hidden meaning.

Step 5

Also, his vocabulary can tell about the prison history of this or that person. People who have been in prison for even a very short time often insert into their speech words like "malyava", "rub the husk", "lawlessness", "in roles", "lose (remove someone)", etc.

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There is also an opinion that a person who "sat" is distinguished by some special caution and nervousness, especially in the company of men. He avoids looking eye to eye, especially if the interlocutor is taller than him.

Step 7

Law enforcement officers and other authorized bodies have access to special databases, so if you have connections, you can try to "punch" the person you need, however, rarely any of the employees agrees to such acts, because in fact it is an official crime. the widespread opinion that the executive bodies issue information about a citizen's prison history almost on demand is erroneous. This information is confidential.

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