How To Assign Digits

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How To Assign Digits
How To Assign Digits

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Each work that is performed by employees of the organization belongs to a certain tariff category. The unified tariff and qualification reference book of jobs and professions of workers contains a complete list of job titles. Sometimes, in the course of the economic activity of an organization, managers raise the ranks of their employees. What is the procedure for assigning a tariff category?

How to assign digits
How to assign digits


Step 1

According to the Labor Code, an employee has the right to apply for an increase in the category after successfully completing assignments corresponding to a higher qualification, within three months within one calendar year.

Step 2

First, you must receive a grade application from the employee himself. In the event that he passed any professional training in the desired category, then he must attach copies of certificates, certificates and other supporting documents to the application. After that, his work should be characterized by the head of the department in which he works.

Step 3

Then issue an order on the appointment of a tariff and qualification commission, which should evaluate the work of this employee. It may include foremen, managers, personnel specialists, foremen and other persons. Be sure to appoint a chairman of the commission, it must be an employee who has a higher education in the field in which the worker wants to increase the rank.

Step 4

First, check the knowledge of the employee, that is, assess the level of knowledge of the theoretical part of the work, for example, if a carpenter wants to increase the grade, then first he must tell the theory of woodworking production. Then move on to the evaluation of the practical part. To do this, the worker must complete at least three assignments, while the quality of the product must meet the highest standard.

Step 5

After that, the qualification commission decides on the issue of increasing the category, the result of which is drawn up in the form of a protocol. If the category is increased, enter it in the employee's work book in the appropriate section. Also, do not forget to issue an order to increase the tariff category and make changes to the employee's personal card (form No. T-2). If necessary, make changes to the staffing table by issuing an order.

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