How To Behave During The Internship

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How To Behave During The Internship
How To Behave During The Internship

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Modern students begin to think about their employment long before they graduate from the institute. Therefore, many of them take part in summer internships, where they gain practical experience. An internship is a chance not only to make money in the summer, but also to establish oneself, provide an invitation to work in a good company and get a job in its staff on a permanent basis after graduation.

How to behave during the internship
How to behave during the internship


Step 1

The internship is a kind of aptitude test. It is clear that you will not be required to have special knowledge in the area in which the company specializes. An intern's salary is always lower than the salary of those on the staff. But the employer is committed to teaching you practical work. Therefore, the extent to which you are able to learn and perceive new material for you is an indicator of whether there is any sense in further cooperation. Try not to lose your face - show interest, do not hesitate to ask, demonstrate skills of independent work - look for answers to your questions on the Internet and special literature.

Step 2

The fact that your salary is the lowest is not a reason to violate discipline. Try not to be late in the morning and when returning from lunch, do not leave your workplace before the end of the working day, unless the internship manager has allowed you to do so. Take part in all company events - general team meetings and landscaping work.

Step 3

Be prepared for your coworkers to treat you a little condescendingly and even make fun of you. Treat jokes with humor, be open and friendly. Stop trying to take on some of the responsibilities you shouldn't be doing. But do not refuse to carry out public assignments, as the most unemployed member of the team.

Step 4

Do not forget that in addition to good communication skills and corporate culture, you must demonstrate your business qualities to the employer. Diligently, efficiently and on time, complete the tasks given to you. Suggest several solutions, show your talents, there is no need to be shy here.

Step 5

Delve into not only the work of the department where your internship is taking place. Take an interest in the work of the company as a whole, its structure, the relationships between departments. Take this opportunity and get the explanations that you are simply obliged to give. By doing this, you will establish yourself as an inquisitive person who wants to thoroughly study your future profession. If your efforts do not go unnoticed, you can expect to be offered a job in this company.

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