What Kind Of Profession Is A Dog Handler

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What Kind Of Profession Is A Dog Handler
What Kind Of Profession Is A Dog Handler

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A dog handler is a specialist in working with dogs. He is engaged in their upbringing and breeding. Cynologists can work in law enforcement agencies, subjecting service dogs to special training.

What kind of profession is a dog handler
What kind of profession is a dog handler

Cynology studies the anatomy and physiology of dogs of various breeds, methods of keeping and breeding them. This science arose at the beginning of the 19th century, discoveries in the field of physiology and genetics were of great importance. The greatest contribution to the development of cynology was made by specialists from England and Germany.

Requirements and responsibilities

To be a dog handler, you need to be ready to associate with dogs all your life. And this is more difficult work than just walking with the animal twice a day and teaching a couple of commands. The dog handler must have a rather strong character, because he is going to become an authority for many dogs. Good physical fitness is also required for service in the security forces.

If a dog handler is engaged in breeding and works in a special club, he must perfectly know the characteristics of the breeds or breed with which he works. Also from the dog handler is required knowledge of the psychology of dogs, anatomy and physiology. He should be able to provide first aid veterinary and have knowledge and skills in the field of dog training.

Mental stability and poise are required from dog handlers. Aggressive treatment of dogs is incompetent. He must be able to concentrate and distribute attention, not have problems with speech, and have resourcefulness. Dog handlers are patient and hardworking specialists.

A person working as a dog handler can engage in several activities. He can design conditions for keeping, feeding and raising dogs. Can work in societies and organizations that need the services of dogs. He can also guard livestock and help hunters. And, of course, to engage in the development of new breeds.

Directions of cynology

The dog handler profession has several categories. Expert - works at an exhibition, is a specialist in one or several breeds. A fitness instructor develops exercise programs for dogs. Cynologist-nutritionist is a nutritionist. The helper is an assistant trainer playing the "bad guy". The groomer deals with the condition and appearance of the coat. Instructors train dogs.

Handler is a dog handler who drives a dog at a show or training class. The task is to show the dog in front of the expert, highlighting the merits and masking the flaws. Beforehand, the handler deals with the animal. He corrects behavior only when necessary. The cynologist-zoopsychologist organizes the training process, realizing an individual approach to each dog. He also improves the relationship between the owner and the dog.

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