How To Become A Ship Captain

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How To Become A Ship Captain
How To Become A Ship Captain

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Which of the boys does not dream of the sea? For most of them, dreams remain dreams, but those who do not think of themselves outside the sea try to translate them into reality.

How to become a ship captain
How to become a ship captain


Step 1

You should be aware that the captain does not directly steer the ship - the helmsman is engaged in this. The tasks of the captain include the organization of work on the ship, he directs the ship's crew and service personnel. The captain of the vessel monitors the weather conditions, chooses the course and route of movement, determines the exact location of the vessel using navigation equipment and maps.

Step 2

The captain is responsible for everything that happens on the ship and with the ship itself. Therefore, anyone who dreams of long voyages should decide what he wants - to directly control the ship or still be its captain. The choice of the place of study and the specialty received depends on this.

Step 3

You should also think about in which fleet the future captain wants to serve, naval or civil. If in the naval, then he should submit documents to the Nakhimov naval school. Admitted are young men aged 14-15 years old, citizens of the Russian Federation who have successfully completed 8 classes of secondary school in the year and are fit for health reasons. A prerequisite for admission is to study English in high school. Those who have studied another language are not accepted. You can get more detailed information here:

Step 4

If you decide to connect your life with the civilian fleet, then decide which fleet attracts you - river or sea. If the first one, then go to the river school closest to your place of residence. There are a lot of them, you can find a suitable educational institution on the Internet.

Step 5

In the event that you are attracted by the sea, your path lies in the nautical school. You can see the list of maritime educational institutions here:

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